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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For the Birds

baby swan

Three bird photos for you today. The first one we know. Mama swan and baby cygnet.

Now here's your assignment. Find the bird in this picture. Tomorrow I'll show you. No, you can't make it bigger. That would be too easy. Sorry.
find the bird

unknown duck

And this one isn't really a game. I'm not all that knowledgeable about waterfowl, and I can't figure this one out. It might be a group of juveniles which would make it harder to identify. So if any nature lovers recognize these guys, let me know, ok?


Jim said...

Great watery shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

RNSANE said...

The swans are beautiful but I've been staring at the picture so long, my eyes are crossed. I keep imagining I see a turkey or something like it on the ground toward the right front of the picture, just a little off center. It has a red wattle ( is that what you call it? ). Like I said, I'm probably hallucinating.

Auntie E said...

Oh I found the bird in the second photo. he's quite big.
The last one looks like Female Mallards. But then again I also have to research species of Duck, there are so many.

rainfield61 said...

I cannot get hold of the bird before it fly away from the computer screen and into the wild.

So, there is no more bird in your picture.

tmarsik said...

In the second picture, I see two shapes that could be birds. One shape looks like it could be a ruffed grouse and the other looks like it could be a raven.

In the third picture, the "masked" duck looks like a female wood duck. The others look like female mallards.

Ann said...

Love that picture of the swan. I'm pretty sure I found the bird in the second picture but I couldn't tell you what it is.

Sharkbytes said...

J Bar- thanks. I will leave your comment even with a link, since it is somewhat relevant to the content

Carmen- You are in the right size range, but not the right location- sorry

Auntie E- Yes, he is big! I hoped that would make him hard to find - not what people expect. I think they might be juvenile mallards... to small for adult females, but that strange eye ring and cheek patch has me guessing.

rainfield- I like your answer, my friend. But the bird has returned to perch in the picture now.

Theresa- You have good woods eyes... not that I doubted it! But you weren't thinking large enough. Well... juvenile wood ducks? I'll have to research that idea. They just didn't look like mallards.

Ann- you coy person, you... saying you found it, but won't tell where. Give Duke a birthday hug.

Ratty said...

I'm up late, but I made sure I came over to comment on this post of yours. I've missed everything else today so far. I think I can't take games as well as I give them. I see some dark shapes in the tree where the bird is but I don't think they are what I'm looking for. Maybe that's it a third of the way down and a third of the way from the left perched on a branch between the two big trees. As for the ducks at the bottom, I would have guessed American Black Duck, but that white around the eye threw me too. The only bird that looks like that that I could find would be a Laysan Duck, but that one would be very far away from home. It does look amazingly similar though.

Ratty said...

My crazy duck theory was keeping me up so I went and found your ducks. It is a female wood duck, maybe with her babies. Same eye ring, same mallard similarity.

Auntie E said...

Well I think I found that Type of Duck. it is a Wood Duck

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