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Friday, September 21, 2012

Blood and Tea - Day 1

This was the first day of the Blood and Tea Mystery Writer's Conference. Full Day!

There are four Michigan mystery writers who are leading the workshops. Today, you get pictures of two of them. I chose to feature these two simply because their pictures turned out. I'll try for the other two tomorrow.

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli spoke about "Beginnings that kill: Openings that grab the reader and don't let go."

Elizabeth Kane Buzelli

Aaron Stander spoke about "Crafting Scenes: Creating Moments"

Aaron Stander

We also heard from D.E. Johnson on "Creating characters readers can't forget," and from Lev Raphael on "Writing sex scenes that don't make readers laugh."

There was a panel discussion on how to get an agent and also on publishing options. In the evening, two of the authors did readings from their books.

In between, we ate meals together, and one lady and I walked out to the lighthouse to get some exercise. Good connections. I learned things in each of the sessions.

But, I'm very tired. One more day. I'll try to get pix of the other writers.

See An Evening with Michigan Author D.E. Johnson
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Lin said...

Oh, that sounds like a great workshop! How fun! I hope you learn a lot....and then share some of it with us! ;)

RNSANE said...

A perfect workshop!! I wish I could have attended it. I've always wanted to write a forensic novel!

Secondary Roads said...

How neat that they worked this out just for you. What? It's that close to your home. It's what you do. You mean they didn't really plan it for you? Could have fooled me. (Okay, that's not that difficult to do. :) )

Ann said...

Sounds like the perfect workshop for you. Enjoy the second day

Pearl said...

I bet you learned a lot from this workshop. It's always nice to upgrade and add new konwledge from others.
Thanks for dropping by my blog:-)

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