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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nature's Alphabet 2- R-T

I had a request today to use my nature alphabets in a pre-school in Wisconsin. Of course I said yes! But I need to get the second set finished up and posted. I have all the pictures, just need to get it done.

The letter R as seen in tree branches

the letter R

The letter S as seen in a curl of birch bark

the letter S

The letter T as seen in a mushroom

the letter T

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Loretta said...

hmmm..great idea. I think I will use it with the 3 5 yr olds in my English Language Learners classes! Will make a great game for them.

Secondary Roads said...

A curious configuration for the R. Is that some wire that I see?

Radio telegraphers use the RST reporting system. (Stands for Readability, Signal strength and Tone.) I enjoy this game.

Ann said...

You are so good at finding the letters. I tried this once and aside from the really easy ones I couldn't find any

Ratty said...

Your nature's alphabet are some of the most memorable things for me. I always think of you when I see a letter of my own.

Lin said...

How fun!! How did they find your alphabet??

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Loretta- I would be honored if you did that!

Chuck- no wire that I know of. It was just broken oddly and I got myself in a position where it "made" the R

Ann- I can't stop seeing them any more

Ratty- what are friends for, if not to make you nuts?

Lin- She found them all on my photo site.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Wow, what a creative idea! I especially love the R.

Cartridge said...

Wow some great pics from nature.....

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