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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Generations of Hikers

I plan to still share some more from Pennsylvania, but I have to show you who I met tonight. I drove to Muskegon where Jennifer Pharr Davis was speaking.

Jennifer Pharr Davis

Who is she, you ask? She's hiked the Appalachian Trail three times. The first time, she discovered she loves hiking. The second time, she set the women's speed record at 57 days. The third time, she set the overall complete speed record at 46 days. (That's an average of 47 miles a day).

Jen has several books out or about her (I've read two, and after tonightI have a third), and also now she has added a little potential hiker to the world with husband, Brew. The little one is Charlotte, aka "Charlie." She's still on all fours, but it won't be long till she'll be hiking too.

Jennifer Pharr Davis, Brew Davis, Joan H. Young

Well worth the drive! Jen says, "Girl Power!"

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Karen and Gerard said...

That's amazing--47 miles a day--whew, and I thought we liked walking, ha! We don't even come close.

Secondary Roads said...

Will she tackle the NCT? It must require a lot of planning and logistics to do 47 miles/day.

Ann said...

wow, I can't imagine hiking 47 miles a day for 46 days. That's amazing