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Monday, August 19, 2013

Bounty and Generosity

I am home from Pennsylvania, and spent the night last night with two of my favorite people, Chuck and Sylvia of Secondary Roads.

One of their favorite things to do is manage a garden each summer, and the amount of produce they produce (nice heteronyms) is amazing.

vegetable garden

I love Swiss chard- to eat, to smell, to look at. My contribution to the day was to help pick some of the bounty and provide directions (via friend Irene) for the best way to blanch and freeze the chard.

Swiss chard

You don't need to plant a lot of cabbages when they grow to this size! You can see more about the cabbage at House Guest (which beats the heck out of being a barn guest- just kidding, Chuck). By the way, if you go there, look carefully at the second picture and you will discover that this was indeed the 2013 meeting of the Blog-Posting Murderers Fest, as Sylvia is slinking in from the right with a sharp knife.


The edge of the garden has to have marigolds to help hold the insects and the bunnies at bay. It's not shabby that they look great, too.


After Sylvia and I picked a number of things, we divided them up, and look at all the goodness they sent home with me. I won't have to buy food for a week or more.


Thank you, Chuck and Sylvia. You are some of my favorite people, and I would say that whether you give me veggies or not!

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Loritenor said...

Not sure I have ever seen such huge cabbage! Looks like you came home with a great selection of veggies...

vanilla said...

I am truly saddened that I missed the BPM reunion; but I am happy for you.

Secondary Roads said...

I love that pic of the back-lighted chard leaf. Okay, the marigold shot is also a winner, but the effect of bright sunlight on the chard makes it the winner for me.

mail4rosey said...

LOL at the ending, and I believe you, but veggies are a super nice bonus. :)

Those are nice pics., and you got a really great one of Chuck and Sylvia together!

Ann said...

All that produce looks so good. I'm hungry for a big old salad now. I've never had chard before.