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Friday, June 27, 2014

NCT Vermont Extension- Long Trail Day 4

This was our last day for this hike, and truth be told, we probably could have hiked out the day before. But we didn't want to. (I can't speak for Marie, actually, but I didn't want to, and she knew I didn't want to, and she likes me.) So we had one last night in the woods, and awoke to a lovely morning despite going to sleep in the rain.

tent in morning light
There were just four miles to go to reach the car, and only three to make it to the big goal, a place called "Maine Junction." That's just a fork in the trail where the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail meet (for southbounders) or split (for northbounders). It will eventually be the new eastern end of the North Country Trail.

We were feeling happy and the trail was relatively easy. There was a steady uphill for the first couple of miles, but it wasn't difficult. We rested at a bivouac area.

hiker selfie

Even the trail markers were happy! And if you were wondering, the Long Trail is marked with white blazes.

smiley face

Before we knew it, there we were! Maine Juction, and two smiling hikers.

Maine Junction

We'd passed quite a few hikers on the Long Trail, all NOBO (northbound), over the past few days. In the final mile to the car on the shared trail, we passed one hiker. I asked him if he was hiking the Appalachian Trail or the Long Trail, and he said the AT. But he was clearly intent on moving along and we didn't chat. We reached the parking area just before 11 am. First priority at the car? Let the feet out, of course.

boots and sandals

The next priority? Iced tea and a nice meal. We went to the Rochester Cafe, in, duh, Rochester, Vermont. Recommended!

restaurant meal

Here's the map. The Long Trail and our route is in red; the AT is in white.

Long Trail Map
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rainfield61 said...

So another day you have had.

Ann said...

You both look quite happy at the end of your trail. Lunch sure looks good

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay theez must be those happy trails wun always heerz abowt!!! ok bye

Unknown said...

Enjoying life that much. So nice of you to see very happy.