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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

No Delivery from the Sky


Today was hot and humid- very miserable. Late afternoon it began to look like a storm might roll in. We actually got a very few sprinkles. Now there is lightning to the south of us. But no rain here.

The best sight was what looked like mammatus clouds trying to form off the base of the upper clouds. They are supposedly associated with severe thunderstorms. But not here.

mammatus clouds

I took a picture of a sky full of these odd clouds a few months ago, but I guess I didn't put it on the blog, and I don't have time to find it now.

Anyway, just a few degrees of sky away we had a completely different view. I don't know what kind these are- they seem odd.


Lots of work for me in the upcoming days. It's all good, but I may be pretty tired by evening.

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Ratty said...

Sky pictures are always a welcome sight to me. I always appreciate them from others, but I never feel like I get them right when I take them.

Secondary Roads said...

Like Ratty, I enjoy sky pictures. I've had weather spotter training and so have some appreciation for what I see.

Ann said...

The last few days have been very humid here and our forecast called for thunderstorms today. We got a little rain this morning but that was it

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