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Thursday, September 15, 2016


I'm at the conference and things are in full swing. Having a great time but always exhausting. I'll start sharing about that maybe tomorrow. Have to find places to plug in and connect.

Anyway, Lyle and I stopped at the Scamp factory in Minnesota to get a few things done on his trailer. Can you believe so many fiberglass trailers?

Scamp trailers

Those were outside. These are inside.

Scamp trailers

Here's where they make the shells by spraying fiberglass into molds.

Scamp trailers

Everything is done by hand. Here they are putting the rubber gasket on the bottom edge.

Scamp trailers

I learned a lot and got a ton of ideas, even though mine is a different brand.

Gotta go- Having a blast with trail friends.

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Secondary Roads said...

Very interesting. Have fun.

Ann said...

That would be interesting seeing the whole process of one of those being put together.
Have fun

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