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Monday, September 12, 2016

On the Road with Lyle

We are long time travel buddies, Lyle and I!


Always to trail-related things and this time is no exception. We are on the way to Fargo, ND for the annual North Country Trail conference/celebration- whatever they are calling it this year.

First milestone was to cross the Mighty Mac. Lousy picture, but you don't get stunning ones from inside a vehicle while crossing.

Mackinac Bridge

We had to stop to see the recently opened Cut River Bridge. It's been closed with a detour for so many years I was beginning to think it would never re-open. We ate lunch and walked a short trail that took us underneath.

Cut River bridge

The day was windy, although warm, but it was kicking up some good waves on the north shore of Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

We saw a lot of this today. Yes, Lyle also has a little fiberglass trailer. Great minds seem to think alike.

towing a trailer

Now we are settled in at a city campground for the night. Good travel day.

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Secondary Roads said...

When I look at that pic of Lake Michigan's north shore, I can almost feel the breeze on my face, hear the sound of breaking waves and smell that odor of the lake.

Joe Todd said...

Linda and I just got back from Sleeping Bear Dunes N.P.
safe travels

RNSANE said...

Nothing's more wonderful than travel with a good friend!

RNSANE said...

Nothing's more wonderful than travel with a good friend!

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