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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Saturday Sheyenne with Dan & Ruth

Saturday was the day almost everyone traveled by bus to the Sheyenne National Grassland in North Dakota. The eastern portion has low hills with more trees than the western part which is level prairie.

Sheyenne National Grassland

There were hikes of various lengths. I chose the 6.5 mile one because it had a special emphasis. You may or may not remember that I've had some other chances to hike with a couple who have been working on a section hike of the entire North Country Trail (see link at end). They were all but done a month ago, but saved this section so they could complete their trek at the conference.

Dan and Ruth complete the NCT

They are such nice people that everyone was delighted to share this moment with them.

Dan and Ruth complete the NCT

There was even champagne and cookies!

NCT cookies

Part of the evening activities was my plug for long-distance hikes on the NCT, which included giving them their patches and certificates for finishing their End-to-End hikes.

Dan and Ruth complete the NCT

After that, they gave a program about their 17-year journey.

They've become two of my closest trail friends. May the hiking never stop!

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1 comment:

Secondary Roads said...

That was a special day--for everyone. I'm enjoying your pix.