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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hangin' On

Remember the flowers Michelle brought to work three, yes THREE, weeks ago? She let me bring some home and they are still providing visual and olfactory joy. A little rough around the edges, but I'd say this was an amazingly long-lasting tidbit of pleasure that came my way.

Particularly in this year, yet another year, that I can't go to the Philadelphia Flower Show.


Usually, after the Flower Show I fill this space with pictures of beautiful flowers and displays for several weeks while we get through the gloomy parts of winter.

While we're on the edges of this subject, let's talk about why there have been fewer and fewer pictures of outdoor things on my blog this year. It's certainly not because I've lost interest in outdoor pursuits. But I have spent less time outdoors.

For one thing, in July I gave up the job taking insurance pictures. Overall, that was certainly the best choice. I'm no longer making myself insane with phone calls and paperwork and driving all over six counties. Of course, the one part of it that I miss is that I'm no longer driving all over six counties. Catching pictures of "new" little lakes or interesting tree lines or flowers that don't grow in my back yard is not a normal part of my week any more. That's the ONLY thing I miss about that job.

And I've picked up more hours working at the newspaper. Those are all inside hours (except filling the recycling dumpster, but that's not a really picturesque task). And although there are good times with nice people and it's a job I basically enjoy, it's extremely repetitive. Not a lot of interesting things to share on my blog, although you've seen quite a bit over the course of the four years I've been there.

Also, I find that after standing for 3-6 hours at work, frankly, taking a walk when I get home is not the first thing on my mind. Getting OFF the feet is good.

Then, too, there is no longer a dog waiting to be walked. And this year in particular, there has been very little snow to play on.

Since this is a very personal blog, and I do look for positive things to share, I don't manufacture events around a theme, even if it's fun outdoors. So, for now, I'm hangin' on. Hoping for more hikes and outdoor time in the future. I'm thankful for the friendships I've made through My Quality Day. If you're getting bored with my life you can hang on with me, or not. But I hope you will!

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Ratty said...

I'll always be here hangin' on with you. You've been one of my best blog friends for a long time.

Secondary Roads said...

Sylvia and I will be continuing the journey with you.

Ann Thompson said...

Wow. I cant believe how good those flowers still look. As for hanging on, you're stuc with me like it or not...lol

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty, Chuck, Sylvia, Ann! You warm my heart. Thank you.

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