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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Hart Montague Rail Trail at White Lake

  The vendor event went really well today, and the park we were at is right beside the Hart-Montague Rail Trail. So after we were done for the day, I went for a little walk. For a rail trail, it's pretty nice. There isn't a lot of it that is right out in the blazing sun, but this piece is particularly pretty.
Hart Montague Rail Trail

I'm not a big fan of Canada Geese, but I'll admit they are handsome birds. The event and the trail are right along White Lake. The geese are literally ON White Lake. canada geese

This is a planted rose bush, but it's a variety that has blossoms more like wild roses. And the color is stunning. I did not play with this photo at all. red roses

Another rather ordinary bird, a Redwing Blackbird, but he was showing off for me. redwing blackbird

There are a lot of art installations along this trail in Whitehall, and I was very curious about this one, which was slightly off the trail, but you could walk to it. I thought there would be an interpretive sign, or at least the name of the artist. Most of the art pieces have a sign. Maybe this one is new. I don't remember it. Anyway, no sign. But I couldn't figure it out from a distance.
Hart Montague Rail Trail sculpture

When I got right up to it, I learned that it's pretty cool. There are constructions of natural elements made with old tools or mechanical parts on the three legs. This part is cattails. The heads of the cattails are old springs.
Hart Montague Rail Trail sculpture

In other news: I did well at the event, and it continues through tomorrow, so I'll be back there in the morning.

Hart Montague Rail Trail, Muskegon County, MI, 3+ miles north side of Whitehall

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The Furry Gnome said...

Interesting sculpture! Nice trail. Nice rose bush too.

Ann said...

Glad to hear that even went well.
That is a really interesting sculpture.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Stew and Ann- I love it when there is somewhere for a little walk near an event

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