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Saturday, June 5, 2021

National Trails Day 2021

  It was a great time with 15 hikers showing up to participate. Nice low-key planning without a lot of fuss. hiker group picture

I went early to take the coolers and stuff to our lunch site. That meant I got to see Bowman Lake in the early morning light. Just one more reason to love this place. Bowman Lake

The lupine is just about in full bloom.

I also saw Common Speedwell. Much less showy, but easily recognizable.
common speedwell

Here's a slightly better shot of the little blue blossoms. common speedwell

I didn't do a very good job of picture taking. Just a couple of candid shots at lunch, and I didn't even manage to get everyone. picnic lunch picnic lunch

But I think we had a great time. One group did a 3 mile loop, and another did 6 miles. We saw a red-headed woodpecker, and a blue racer. Some people got pics of the snake, but I missed it.

And!!!! We saw Jon, hiking from north to south, and Liz hiking from south to north! How cool is that- to run into both of the long-distance hikers on the same day?

Because I hiked out and back twice before the event ever started, I hiked just over 7 miles. 4 of mine were on the NCT side of the loop. North Country Trail miles for 2021 is at 342.

North Country Trail and Bowman Loop Trails, Lake County, Michigan. Total 7 miles.

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Unknown said...

Excellent! More trail supporters.

Ann said...

Looks like a nice day

Sharkbytes said...

It was a great day!

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