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Monday, June 27, 2011

Before and After Garden

This is a backwards before and after. The better one is "before." Wait, you are thinking this is supposed to be a positive blog. Well, it is. The positive thing has to do with my plans for this summer. But first, the pictures. Here is my lower flower garden in 2003 looking toward the house.

flower garden with steps

And the view of the same garden from the other direction.

flower garden

I'm hoping this wasn't the last year that it really looked good, but I can't prove it with pictures since then. Are you ready for the bad news... the "after" as in, now? These are the same views.

weedy flower garden

You can just see a little clear space where I've started trying to find the garden.

weedy flower garden

I know that absolutely nothing was done there for the past two years because I was off hiking too much. But this summer, I'm just going to enjoy playing in the dirt when I can. I've got the front beds cleaned up pretty well, so now I get to find out what's still alive down in this bed. The soil is terrible, almost all the plants I have I got for free, and the deer and rabbits are murder on it (literally). But I have fun.

So that's the quality item. I am staying closer to home this year, so I'll be spending some time on this mess. We'll see what I can recover.

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Emma Springfield said...

You have a lovely house and yard. I love the unsculpted look. That is the way a garden should be.

RNSANE said...

I think it's kind of wonderful that you have deer and rabbits. And to sacrifice your garden and landscaping because you've been hiking - well, for what better reason!

Secondary Roads said...

What a wonderful setting. Looks great!

Jean said...

You have a sweet place. I like both the before and after looks.

betchai said...

oh, I would do it like you did as well Sharkbytes, you have accomplished so much in your hiking, and have completed a book, I look up at you as model, and wish I can accomplish a little of what you had too. If we are only neighbors, I will gladly help you gardening, it is a joy for me :) but my gardening has taken a backseat due to hiking too :) but of course we do not have a big yard like you do :)

Joe Todd said...

Hiking or gardening.. Sounds like a |"Quality" problem

Ann said...

Before, after or in between it looks like a very peaceful place to call home.
My garden isn't looking so good these days and I don't have a hiking excuse.

Lin said...

Can you find the steps???!

Hahaha! Well, you've got your work cut out, that's for sure. Are there going to be after after photos??

Kloggers/Polly said...

Gardens are such wonderful places as no matter what ... they never stand still. A little rain and before we know where we are hidden treasures get lost, sometimes forever so it's good to have both a camera and a good memory. I think the main thing is to enjoy your garden, the pleasure it brings no matter what the plants decide they are going to do - just smile and say 'that's nature!' You have a lovely green space and that in this day and age is so very refreshing. It's amazing how many people nowadays decide to tarmac or slab over every bit of green they see which, I think you'll agree is such a waste.

spinninglovelydays said...

How wonderful to have so much garden space! Enjoy spending time on it again. :)

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