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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Kitchenhenge, No Internet, How about a Fern?

Did you miss me? Don't answer that! We were having severe thunderstorms last night and I didn't dare connect to the internet. It was still rumbling and crashing as I went to bed at 12:30. I've pre-dated this entry so it will be marked for the correct day, though.

It was the first day of summer, but we haven't seen the sun in several days here, so I couldn't get a sunrise picture for kitchenhenge... I seem to miss the summer one for one reason or another quite a lot.

However, I will bring you another fern from my walk with Ellen last Friday. This one is a cousin to the Intermediate Fern. In fact they can be easily confused, but I'll tell you the secret and then they are easy to tell apart! I've showed it to you before, but these are better pictures.

Spinulose Wood Fern

This is the Spinulose Wood Fern, sometimes called the Toothed Wood Fern, Dryopteris Spinulosa, or just to be confusing, Dryopteris Carthusiana. I guess in the UK it's called the Narrow Buckler Fern. Here's a whole, lovely patch of it.

Spinulose Wood Fern

Here's the secret to telling this one from other wood ferns. Look at the lowest set of leaves (pinnae). Each little branchlet is called a pinnule, and you need to look at the two that are closest to the stem (rachis). If the second pinnule from the rachis is longest it's Intermediate Fern. But that's not true here, is it? You can easily see that the one closest to the rachis is longest. So it is Spinulose or Toothed Wood Fern, or Narrow Buckler Fern.

Spinulose Wood Fern

More rain predicted for Wednesday! A surprisingly wet week so far.

See Another Fern You Almost Know for a comparison of Spinulose and Intermediate Fern
See I Need Green Really Bad for Intermediate Fern


vanilla said...

Now I can recognize it, but I can't pronounce it. Oh, I can say "Toothed Wood Fern."

Wet here, too. Too wet.

Secondary Roads said...

Catch that sunrise pic any morning this week and you'll be very close. Unless you observe very closely, you'll probably not notice the difference.

john bain said...

I shall look at ferns a little more closely in future.

betchai said...

the ferns are just as lovely and they always bring coolness to the place. though i see sun almost everyday here, but no sunrise and sunset either, early morning, we usually have thick fogs and marine layer, grayness in the sky until past noon time. the sky becomes blue afternoon, but about 2 hours before sunset, the marine layer starts to roll in and clouds gather up, by sunset, all the sky is so thick gray. i have to wait until late fall/winter to see beautiful sunrise/sunset more often :)

jeanlivingsimple said...

Gee...Now I am wondering what were the ferns I photographed on Pine Mountain last weekend. Thanks for the info.
Hope y'all don't get washed away!

spinninglovelydays said...

They look like ferns we have here, but don't take my word for it, lol... Seems our weathers are coinciding for once. It's very wet around here too.

Ann said...

We apparently had quite a storm here last night also but I slept through it.
The ferns are great. I just love the look of them

Ferd said...

Being that my name is really FERNando, I am partial to ferns! :-)

Lin said...

The weather is so volatile this year, isn't it?? And so strange. It's boiling one day and freezing the next. Yikes. Stay safe, pally!

Love the ferns!! I don't have them in my yard, but wish I did. :)

Unknown said...

I love ferns .. we had a bag of builder's sand that we had left over from a job. It sat in the corner covered over for three years and when I took off the cover to use a little around a plant that was aggressively being attacked by slugs - what should I see but three baby ferns growing in the plastic sand bag. One was a male fern and two were female ferns. I re-planted them and they thankfully survived.

Sharkbytes said...

vanilla- eeeouuu- I remember that squishy ground in Indiana

Chuck- I'm hopeful, but we are supposed to have at least one more day of gray

John- keep hangin' around here and you'll see lots more!

betchai- hmmm. It would be depressing to hardly ever see a sunrise or sunset.

Jean- thanks! We are soggy, but ok. No serious flooding where I am. I'm trying to learn the ferns, but there are SO many if I move out of my local area.

Ivy- you probably don't have the exact same ones.

Ann- We just seem to be stuck under this system. They are saying the weekend will be dry.

Hey Ferd, or FerN- Stick around I'll bring you more of your cousins!

Lin- Ellen has a damp, shady yard. She's working on a little fern garden

Polly- that's great! Ferns are surprising as to where they will pop up. Glad you saved them.

RNSANE said...

Ferns are such lovely plants...I'm not at all familiar with these but I used to have several different varieties growing at the entrance of my home in Florida.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- there are LOTS of them. I've gotten a lot of the local ones in my head, not much from other areas yet.

sir rob said...

It's been a while since the last time I left a footprint here but I am here everyday, looking for what's new with Maggie.

I am pre-occupied too in seeing my lil boy. lol

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