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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Genuine Log Cabins

crushed log cabin

I had a lot of work assignments today, and went past a "country corner" where the landmark for where to turn was always a genuine log cabin. But, as you can see, a tree has fallen on it, and it's really beyond recovery. I don't know anything about its specific history, but I mourn the loss, because there aren't very many such historic buildings.

I think I'm going to make a habit of getting a picture whenever I see one of these in my local area. Interestingly enough, there is another one just around the corner from the first.

log cabin

As you can see, this cabin has received care, and even had a little addition put on the back. The door is "new," and it looks used. Probably not the best in terms of historic preservation, but better than destruction.

I wonder how many log cabins I will find in our area if I start really looking?


Ratty said...

These are two more than I've ever seen. I've only ever seen log cabins in pictures and video. My dad built a few things over the years that came pretty close though.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Now I could make myself at home in that cabin.

RNSANE said...

It really is a shame to lose a cabin like that.

My girlfriend, who lives in Georgia, lives in a beautiful log cabin. I guess there are companies that specialize in building modern ones. I visited her about twenty years ago.

Vi said...

What a lovely cabin! The 'new' door gives it character :)

Secondary Roads said...

I remember when my grandparents lived in a log house. As I remember, it was a nice place.

vanilla said...

Too bad about the "crushing" but those are both wonderful pictures.
We lost a cabin near here to fire recently. Very suspicious.

Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...

They a wonderful! The second appears to have been updated somewhat. You might be able to get more information on them through your local genealogy society or historical societies. It's great that you are making a pictorial record of the cabins as well. Too often they just disappear.

sir rob said...

I thought the second pic is the makeover of the collapsed structure. LOL

Don't unplug your hub said...

Very sad to see the devastation of the first cabin. I have seen worse things restored to their former glory.

Ann said...

How sad that the log cabin was destroyed. I've always wanted a log cabin, set way back in the woods somewhere. A place to escape to. Oh there I go daydreaming

Ferd said...

A great cabin, and a very nice picture in beautiful light!

Lin said...

I have a friend who built his by hand by himself. It is a bit rough, but it is really cool. I like to sit on the front porch and watch the world--it's like heaven.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- There must be some left on your side of the state.

Carol- it's so magnetic, isn't it?

Carmen- yes the modern ones are beautiful too, but in a different way

Hi Vi- I'm sure the preservationists would say the door ruined it, but one has to be practical if it's to be used!

Chuck- really? that's pretty recent for log cabin living isn't it? Then again, I'm from the east.

vanilla- I was so sad to see it had been damaged. It's always been our landmark there.

Mom- I'm sure I could get more info, but I have enough hobbies already! Someone surely tracks these things. Actually, there is a Michigan log cabin society.

sir rob- nope... for these real, handmade cabins, they only evolve in the other direction.

John- someone would really have to do some serious work. Although it was a big tree that fell, the logs must have been in bad condition to break so completely.

Ann- well this one is not in a quiet, secluded place. It's on the "back way" to several small towns- quite a bit of traffic.

Ferd- I'm really sorry I never took a picture before it was damaged. Om might have one, but it would take a pile of hunting to find out.

Lin- what a treat- to enjoy one that you know the maker. Extra special.

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