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Monday, June 6, 2011

I Went Out to Look at the Garden

My flower beds have been pretty much ignored for two years while I was hiking so much. They are a pretty sad mess. But my friend Betty gave me some plants that she was clearing out of her garden, so that energized me into at least cleaning up one bed. Not much to see, but at least it's not full of weeds. Betty gave me phlox and a garden loosestrife. There's also an unknown. Maybe it will bloom this year.

flower bed

Lots prettier than the garden was the sky as the sun was thinking about giving us a rest from the heat.



Guess what else was hangin' out up there? A lovely silver sliver of a moon!


Fifi said...

Lovely shots! The photo of that sliver of a moon was amazing! :)

be a lifesaver of goodness said...

Joan, it is just funny when I saw your photos here and I thought you got some pics from Chile volcano eruption and that left me thinking, the ash clouds can be seen as far as the US? That's silly of me, right?

Nice capture..!!

miadventure said...

Great Clouds, and Moon!

rainfield61 said...

When the clouds talk to a moon...

Secondary Roads said...

Interesting sky shots. Love 'em.

vanilla said...

Our flower garden has been pretty much on its own for a couple years. Oh, well.

Ann said...

What a pretty sky that is. My flower beds are in horrible shape and I don't have the excuse that I've been hiking. I really do need to get out and get them at least weeded

betchai said...

beautiful sky shots Sharkbytes, I too had been neglecting taking care of the garden because of hiking and always out, however, they are not much suffering because I planted mostly drought resistant plants.

Sharkbytes said...

Fifi- Thanks! It was a nice surprise when I saw it.

borris- well, they do look more like something of that nature than normal clouds here. It's odd- that volcano hasn't even made the national news here.

John- the clouds seemed odd to me

rainfield- I think they were saying "do you like pink?"

Chuck- clouds don't usually look like that here- as you know.

vanilla- I'm between "o well" and "I really care"

Ann- I'm feeling slightly motivated to reclaim them. But not when it's 90 degrees out.

betchai- I have a lot of those, but we can grow some others here... if someone actually cares for them just a little.

RNSANE said...

For some reason, I can't see the picture of your flower beds but the sky shots are gorgeous.

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