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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spangled Skimmer?

spangled skimmer

Not a great photo. Dragonflies don't hold still very well. I'm pretty sure this is a female spangled skimmer, Libellula cyanea. Yes, that's "cyanea" as in blue. The males are blue, the girls get to be gold and black.

The other choice is a female golden-winged skimmer. Here's why I think it's the spangled one. 1. The range of the golden-winged doesn't really quite cover where I live. 2. The wings really look black, not at all golden. 3. There were blue dragonflies also in the same area, which might be the males, while the males of the golden-winged ones are red.

However, the spangled one should have both a black and a white spot on the leading edge of the wing. Maybe I can't see that because of the focus or the angle of the light.

Anyway, this gives me something to look forward to... a better picture of this handsome dragonfly.

I volunteered at the Michigan Energy Fair today, but didn't get to see the exhibits. I'll be there again tomorrow, and should get to actually see some interesting things, and bring you pictures.


Kloggers/Polly said...

Well done to get a photo of a dragonfly! Occasionally I have had them skim through the garden - they are so primitive - one of the oldest of all flies and you can almost see them flying past a dinosaur in past times. I have never yet managed to photo one ... I have literally ran around the garden like some crazed thing with camera in hand whilst a dragongly has flown round and round and round me at head height. I am sure they are much cleverer than people give them credit for. Their speed and elegance is quite perfect .. unlike my lumbering with camera and shoe .. so well done you - I hope that I too will manage to get a shot of one some day soon!! :)

rainfield61 said...

Great Day to you as a volunteer.

Ann said...

The only picture I've been able to get of a dragonfly is when I found one floating in my pool.
Energy Fair sounds interesting

Colleen said...

Wow! Great job...I've always loved visiting your blog and reading the posts. Thank you for sharing!

Emma Springfield said...

He is trying to hide from you. The picture is pretty good except for the greenery in the way.

Jean said...

Dragon Flies are tough subjects. It is good enough to get the correct ID.
I would be interested in what you lean at the Energy Fair.

Ratty said...

Your investigation of the dragonfly sounds right on target. I remember doing the same things with a few I watched. I love discovering what kind I'm looking at, but it's sometimes difficult finding out.

vanilla said...

That you captured her at all is pretty noteworthy.

gallerydarrow said...

I just love the imaginative names of dragonflies, this one is no exception.

Thanks for the info.


RNSANE said...

You got a pretty good shot of that dragonfly. I've never seen one up close. I guess I haven't been around their habitat. We seem to have a lot of bees, though.

Joe Todd said...

Question for you:: Linda and I are heading to the U.P. around L'Anse any thoughts on "things" to see??

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