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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Timing is So Important

"Just" a sunset again today. But, isn't it an interesting truth that there are maybe two to five minutes out of every 1440 when one might see a great sunset. And not every day offers one. So, at BEST, that is three-tenths of one percent for sunsets of the minutes we have available. I think we should treasure each beautiful one we see!

I locked one up in pixels for you tonight.


See Sharing a Sunset
See Blue Sunset
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Secondary Roads said...

And that's just one of the reasons that I love Michigan.

rainfield61 said...

And that's the reason I always look up at the sky.

Expression said...

Me too and this is a beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing it with us. This is Jackie formerly known as Shinade. I started a new blog and decided to go with my own name.

Now I am making the rounds trying to get re-acquainted and also find great blogs like yours to add to my links!!

I hope you have a great day!

Ann said...

my view of sunsets is majorly blocked so I appreciate you sharing yours

John Sealander said...

Nice picture! Sunsets are one of my favorite times of the day. Sunrise, on the other hand, I could do without. I'd just as soon sleep in a little longer...

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- and seeing the sunsets over the lake from time to time is even more perfect

rainfield- you sometimes do a better job of looking than I do

Hi Jackie! Nice to see you again. I'm off to check off your new blog

Ann- glad to oblige!

John- Yeah, I'm not great with sunrises, either. I like it when the sunsets have multiple colors like this.

eileeninmd said...

A lovely sunset to treasure! I always enjoy my skywatching! Have a lovely weekend!

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