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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Well, Well Cover

Well, about all I did today was vote and cover the well pit. I had ideas of other tasks, but I turned into a slug after this job was done.

On Sunday, I drew up plans for a nice cover with a roof and entrance hatch. Then I figured out what it would cost. Hmmm.

The previous cover was just plywood. I thought it had foam insulation, too. It SHOULD have had foam. Freezing the pump is very bad.

Here's the ugly mess. Just a flat space with an accompanying pile of rotted wood and foam from previous covers.

well pit cover

All I did was put two inches of foam on the whole thing (this foil backed foam was on sale- that was awesome!)

well pit cover

Then I covered the whole thing with heavy plastic and anchored it with rocks and cement blocks.

well pit cover

That's about as non-technical of a project as you can imagine. But it's done. Oh yeah, I washed three sinks-full of dishes. They do pile up when there's not easy water.

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Secondary Roads said...

It may be non-technical, but that doesn't mean not important. We used to cover the well pit we had back then with a sheet of plastic and bales of straw. Never had a pump problem.

Ann said...

when it comes to a job like that as long as it works that's good enough

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- I have done straw sometimes, but the foam is easier if it has to be opened, and lasts more than one year.

Ann- It works- quite well until the sun begins to degrade everything.

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