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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Southeast Corner

Out and about today doing cases in the southeast corner of the county. Just a fairly nice winter day. No major issues with the driving. (Couldn't find an address, but that had nothing to do with the roads. The company thinks I can just call the agent in situ. Haha. One must have a cell signal to make such a call.)

Campbell Road leads south. Beyond this point it gets really hilly. It would be a fun place for a bike ride in summer.

Campbell Road

But I turned east before that on Anthony Road. Pretty hilly too! All the hills here are either sand dunes or non-eroded remnants of the glacial end moraine. This far inland... end moraine.

Anthony Road

And a crossing of the nearly ubiquitous Pere Marquette River that I show you fairly often. It's impossible to go south of my house in the county without crossing it at least once. With the main branch and the south branch and all the twists and turns, there may be several crossings! This is where Anthony Rd. crosses the South Branch of the PM.

Pere Marquette River

Bell choir practice this afternoon. We are starting to work on a Gospel Rag. What fun!

See Pere Marquette River Crossing for a similar bridge on the main branch
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Secondary Roads said...

Those pics look to me like vacation country. When I was growing up, my folks always vacationed in similar places. (It was where my paternal grandparents lived.)

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- There are a lot of cottages out there along the river, so many others agree with that assessment. It's very close to Ruby Creek, site of some short hikes and nature excursions I've shared.

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