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Sunday, February 7, 2016


The North Country Trail Hike 100 Challenge is giving away gifts every month. You are entered just by signing up. The only thing on the list that I was even interested in winning was the.... solar charger.

Guess what. I won it!

solar charger

So, today I set about figuring it out. We have entered the Fahrenheit 451 era of directions... all pictures without words, but I've got most of them deciphered.

It's actually a lantern, flashlight, and signal light as well as a charger.

solar charger

I set the panel outside in the sun today to charge it up. I'll try charging my phone with it overnight.

This will be an unlikely backpacking gear item. It's too bulky. Also, there are two electronic items I would like to charge while on the trail: my phone and my camera battery. There is apparently no way I can make this work for the camera battery. I'd have to switch cameras, or just use my phone camera (which I don't think much of).

When I'm car camping, I can charge both those items in the car, making this superfluous.

Nevertheless, I'm tickled to be able to try it out and see if there are times when it would be useful for me. I'll do a better review when I've tried it more.

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Ann said...

What a neat gadget and how awesome that you won the one thing you wanted. Looking forward to hearing how well it works

Secondary Roads said...

That is the perfect gizmo for you. Congrats on the win.

Jean Knill said...

If anyone deserved to win that, it has to be you, Joan, with all the work you do on the trail.

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