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Friday, February 19, 2016

Good News Can Sometimes Be Had for Cash

Today's quality item is that my car had some repairs. Although the total costs added up to more than I would have liked, the really good news is that there is no real damage. I wasn't sure that was going to be true.

Subaru Forester

On Wednesday a sudden oil leak appeared, creating much concern on my part. The dipstick showed DRY, so I added two quarts of oil, whereupon it decided to indicate that it was overfilled. Yikes. And what the heck?

Anyway, it now has a new oil pressure switch (the culprit), two worn belts are replaced, and the oil has been changed.

Huge sigh of relief. Tomorrow is the big Authorpalooza event in Big Rapids. I should have pictures and a good report to bring.

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Ann said...

those car repairs can add up quickly. Nice to have them taken care of though and not have to worry about then

Secondary Roads said...

Good news is where you find it.

vanilla said...

From mouse-watching to car repairs and patterns in the branches I have caught up on the posts of the great naturalist. I am not commenting on each article because the server here is so slow it reminds me of dial-up days. Keep on sharing the quality in your days!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I hate having an iffy car.

Chuck- my point, exactly

Vanilla! So glad to "see" you. Hopefully you'll soon be back in your accustomed space.

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