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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Home Church

This is the church I grew up in. This picture is before my time, but I didn't take an exterior one yesterday because the snow wasn't even pretty. We found some historic photos in a box, so this is more interesting anyway. The white top of the steeple is gone (I think it was hit by lightning or something), and the trees are fewer and much bigger. I'm thinking this is maybe from around 1930. Romanesque style.

Interlaken Baptist Church

I found out yesterday that the 200th anniversary of the church will be this summer. This building was built in 1860, but the church was founded in 1819. Wow. Not sure I can manage another trip east this year, even if I'm free when the date is set.

This is what the interior looked like sometime before 1911. We found a box of photos yesterday, so I took pictures of a few. That pipe organ was still there when I was very small.

Interlaken Baptist Church interior prior to 1911

Here's what it looks like today.

Interlaken Baptist Church interior

The Bible verses in the front were added when I was about 10.

Interlaken Baptist Church interior

Interlaken Baptist Church interior

One has to wonder where the money came from to build such a beautiful church in such a small town. The congregation has never been able to afford the building for as long as I can remember. Currently they don't use the sanctuary at all in the winter because they can't afford to heat it.

Many mixed feelings about the whole place.

I stayed overnight with Elaine last night, but now I'm back at Marie's.

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Ann said...

That's a pretty amazing looking church. They sure knew how to build back then

Lin said...

Looking at the photo, that was my first thought--WOW! Where did they get the money to build such a beautiful church?! I think many churches are experiencing the same thing--low attendance and funds aren't helping to keep them updated, heated and cooled. So sad. I enjoyed seeing the photos though. It's a lovely church.

vanilla said...

Building still in use after nearly 160 years-- amazing. I understand why the people are conflicted: such a beautiful edifice yet too costly to use.

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