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Friday, March 15, 2019

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019 - Interiorscape

There was one other contest at the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show that involved a model living space. This was called an Interiorscape, and the guidelines state "In the Mood, an interior room with live plants, inspiring any mood with color, texture, and fragrance."

Again, there were two judgings, and the results were mixed. This was my favorite, and it took 1st on Friday and second on Wednesday. Its title is "In the Mood for Moose." The intent: "There is something magical about Maine's seasons... A rustic cabin is perfect for the many moods of Maine."

Judges comments: "Execution of intent hits the mark." and "Restful design. All plants beautiful. Less would be more."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- interiorscape

Next I'll share the one that flip-flopped with the one above, taking first on Wednesday and second on Friday. It's called "Color! Life! Creativity! The intent is "I love to escape to my plant filled studio and watch the ideas grow on canvas..."

Judges comments: "Variety of well-conditioned plants is suited to artist's display. More variation in scale would enhance exhibit." and "Design calm and restful. Cohesive use of plant material. Excellent use of accessories. Colors blended well."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- interiorscape

In a solid third place for both days was "Let the Sunshine In." Intent: " more mid-term and I can be excited. Are you packed? Cannot wait to lie in the sun..."

Judges comments: "Spectacular flower power. White floor distracts." and "Joyous use of color. Potted plants are horizontal. More vertical plants would help with design."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- interiorscape

And taking fourth both days was "A Road to Romance." Intent: "Romance is a construct that resides primarily in the interior of our minds... The distribution of plants represents the growing impulse to create new life, from paucity to plethora."

Judges comments: "Good use of textural elements. Additional plants and color would be welcome." and "Plant materials good for living indoors. Furniture overpowered plant material."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- interiorscape

I really liked "In the Mood for Moose." The plant materials were cleverly chosen, with staghorn fern mimicking the antlers, and the moss and pitcher plant bouquet looking like good moose habitat.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- moss and pitcher plant

In other news: I wrote in the morning and did some odds and ends after that. Then I gave in and read for fun. Yesterday I walked in the rain, and today in the snow. But at least I walked!

I spent some time pondering how one becomes a "best selling author" on some media's list. Did a little research and part of the answer is that you throw a whole lot of money into advertising. Well, that's not going to happen. But I did discover that "The Hollow Tree at Dead Mule Swamp" is consistently in the top 100 of Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 90 minutes (44-64 pages) > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense. That's a start, I guess. But I need to somehow move things along faster, or I'll have to give up on the "author only" job description.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

These are awesome. My favorite is the firs too. I imagine these were fun to put together

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