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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- Entryways

One of my favorite exhibits from the Standard Flower Show portion of the Philadelphia Flower Show is the one that features porches or entryways. This year, there were entryways, and also balconies. Today I'll show you entryways.

They are in order from 1st place to 4th place. This one is called "Kind Lady Lives Here." The intent is to recreate a scene from the 1930s with a cat symbol drawn next to the door (not visible in photo) which was a message to hobos that the owner would offer food and perhaps a small job for money.

Some judges comments: "design with... execution of plantings elevated it from concerto to symphony."

2019 Philadelphia Flower Show- Entryways

Next was "Community Blooms." The intent is to come together in a South Philly neighborhood and bring a whole lot of love.

Some judges comments: "Warm, comfortable and inviting... More consideration could be given to the design of the beds." "Responsive to the theme of the flower show, but silver sculptures are distracting."

2019 Philadelphia Flower Show- Entryways

Third place is "Le Petit Potager." A French Mediterranean kitchen garden awaits hungry boulangers."

Some judges comments: "Colors evoke the feeling of the Mediterranean, but plants were not consistent with the region." "Great sensitivity to detail but the facade looks very flat."

2019 Philadelphia Flower Show- Entryways

Last place went to "Madiba's Peace." The intent was dedicated to Nelson Mendela, and invites people to come out of the world and step into the tranquility of this place."

Some judges comments: "Soothing and inviting but horticultural detail lacking." "The green and white palette is serene, but the mounded plantings are distracting."

2019 Philadelphia Flower Show- Entryways

Often I have a hard time making sense of the judges' selections, but in this category, I agreed with all their decisions. I suppose the reason I like this category so much is because I would like to have an entryway like even the fourth place one!

In other news: I spent the ENTIRE day doing paperwork and going to the tax appointment this afternoon. But I did have everything ready on time! Yeah for me.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

I like them all. I wish I had the green thumb to make the front of my house look like this

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