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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Last Day in Philly

I've learned several new urban skills today, a couple of which I could do without, but the first one is fun. I call it umbrella layering. It's the art of walking with or past other people on narrow uneven sidewalks while everyone is carrying umbrellas.

people walking with umbrellas

The day began with going to two churches. First I went with Marie.

church service

Then at David and Rachel's church, she leads a children's service. I forgot to take a picture but Marie had one from another day, as you can guess from the fact that people are wearing summer clothes. But it was very similar.

children's church service

After that all 9 of us went out to brunch, and after that we played games for the afternoon, trading out one person who had to leave from the airport for another who arrived by car.

Always lots of love to go around.


The least favorite urban skill was when we discovered that the street Marie's car was parked on had been posted as temporarily closed for the day and her car had been impounded! So that involved David taking her (I went along) to rescue the car and all that went along with that, including the form to file a complaint, since it's not at all clear that the street was posted when the car was actually put there.

More food, visiting, lots of hugs and laughter.

Tomorrow, I have to head back to Michigan.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

What a headache with the car. If they are going to do something like that there should be no doubt about being able to park there

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