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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019 - Red or Bright Pink

Just pretty pictures from the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show today. I'm tired, and need to do an easy post. Even though red and pink aren't my favorites, I love bold color, so they get to participate. I'll just tell you the plant or exhibit. Many of them I don't know the exact variety anyway.

This is a Clivia, relative of the Amaryllis.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- red

Next up is a portion of one of the World Cup displays, from the Czech Republic.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- red

I loved these tulips!

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- red

And the Croton, much seen as a tropical house plant. But it really has spectacular leaves.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- red

Next we have a Cyclamen, but this is particularly nice because of the large and ruffled petals.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- red

More red tulips, pure red this time.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- red

And finally, this is beginning to fade into pastels, but I'm sticking it in this group anyway. This is part of the World Cup display from Finland. Notice the marshmallows!

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019- red

In other news: I tightened up and added to "Screaming Monkeys," and cleaned up the previously written "Wish You Were Here." Tomorrow, I'll be back to making notes from the next tape. I walked 5 miles, did shopping and errands, and went to bell practice. The furnace is on the fritz, and it's not going to be a cheap fix. Sigh. I'm thinking bed and a book soon.

I'm starting to feel slightly guilty at not bringing you local joys, but it's March. Flower show pictures are much better for a while. Color!

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1 comment:

Ann said...

These are all pretty but I think my favorite is the red and white tulips

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