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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Contest Winner

The Contest Know Your Weeds? Win an Ad for a Month is officially closed.

There was actually only one entry, Julia of Our Simple Life, and she gave it a try before I put up the Latin names. She didn't get them all right, but I'll give her an ad for the good effort.

Here are the answers:
  • A-8 Yucca - Yucca filamentosa
  • B-5 Common teasel - Dipsacus sylvestris
  • C-4 Mistflower - Eupatorium coelestinum
  • D-9 Wild Asparagus - Asparagus officinalis
  • E-1 Common mullein - Verbascum thapsus

So what do you think folks? Was this so hard that it was just discouraging? Not really fun? Would you like more contests, but tweaked a little? Feedback is good.

See Know Your Weeds? Win an Ad for a Month

1 comment:

Julia said...

I knew that the first one had to be yucca after I posted my response but I was all distracted by that snow. Ok excuses... Thanks for the ad! That was fun! I would love another contest like that.