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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Dentist Called

The dentist called and said it was time to pick up my teeth and really be able to take them home. Well, they look great, although not all that much different. The top picture is the old teeth taken this morning. The bottom picture I just took with the new teeth.

photo label

photo label

I'm trying to be positive... this is a blog that focuses on the positive. They stay in, that's for sure. They fit really tight, so I'll have a headache for a few days till the teeth get used to that.

But they have some issues, so I'll be calling the dentist for some adjustment next week. I still can't chew. Even though he ground off some extra material where my lower pre-molars hit the plate, the molars don't connect. The real problem is that my mouth is very small. They made the acrylic so thick behind my front teeth that I have two choices with my tongue. It either forces my tongue back and partly occludes my airway, or I must let my tongue sit between my teeth. It even changes the way I swallow. These are two rather serious issues to my way of thinking, and they aren't really a matter of getting used to things just being a little different.

Hike Planning Report
Filled the dehydrator with fruit and various tomato sauce mixes as part of several menus.

Took a short walk with no pack. Headache from the teeth.

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Rick (Ratty) said...

I'm glad my teeth are pretty healthy. Between you and my mom though, I've heard a lot of dentist talk lately. While it scares me a lot, it actually is helping me get over some of the phobic thoughts of things close to my face. I hope the dentist makes everything right for you.

If you ever decide to do a whole post or more about your dehydrator ideas and recipes, you've already got one fan right here.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ratty- Thanks for the dental comments... if I am helping in any small way that makes me feel good.

When I get serious about the food packing next week I'll be talking a lot more about the dehydrator and showing more pix. So far I'm just puttering around. I am pretty anal about the hike food. I actually have a program I give about hiking food.

WiseAcre said...

I can thank a cow and my son-in-laws father for my dentures. I ended up with so many missing teeth I decided to have the rest pulled instead of wearing a couple partials. I forgave the cow even if she meant it. The other, well that was a case of carelessness and one reason I don't let anyone help me move rock anymore.