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Saturday, April 18, 2009



Jetfire miniature daffodils

These are Jetfire miniature daffodils in my rock garden. Deer and moles don't eat daffodil bulbs! I've never yet gotten a really good picture of the Jetfires, because the trumpets are more orange than the camera ever makes them look. They are one of my favorites because they always have that windswept look!

Now for the answers to the Words of the Week:
Winners- The Muse got 1,2,3 and half of 4, Ratty got 1,2 and half of 4, Oh cool Betchai just entered while I'm working on this and got 1,2,3 and half of 4 for a tie with the Muse! WiseAcre gets style points for making me literally LOL.

1. RONDALLA (rhon-DAL-ya) The correct answer is b
     a. The ceremony was held in the rondalla of the capitol building. This would be a rotunda
     b. The Philippine rondalla featured a guitar, bass and mandolins.
     c. Streptococcus rondalla threatened to close the entire elementary school. I just made this one up although the shape often appears in microbe names, (coccus = balls)
     d. A geometric rondalla is a specially defined type of ellipse. I just made this one up, although a circle is a special kind of ellipse

2. XIPHIOD (ZYE-foid) The correct answer is d- it means pointed and slightly curved
     a. Xiphoid is the next to the last letter of the Greek alphabet. The next to the last letter of the Greek alphabet is Xi
     b. She played beautiful mountain folk music on her xiphoid. She might have played a zither
     c. Xiphoid ecosystems are dry and arid. Xeric ecosystems are dry and arid
     d. The horseshoe crab's tail is xiphoid in appearance. The word is most often used to describe the lower tip of the breastbone (sternum) which is curved and pointed, but this is a proper use of the word

3. NETBALL (NET-ball) The correct answer is a
     a. Netball is a game similar to basketball, popular with girls in Great Britain. The game was derived from basketball, and has no backboard. It is very popular in many countries other than the US
     b. Netball is what one calls out when a tennis serve hits the top of the net, but falls into the opponent's court. That would be a let serve
     c. Netball is a nickname for volleyball. Sounds sensible, but I couldn't find any example of the above, probably not allowed because it would be too confusing with the real game of netball
     d. Floats used on large fishing nets are called netballs. I just made this up

4. QUORN (KORN) There are two correct answers to this one. I knew one of them, but ran into the other just today. The correct answers are b and d
     a. A quorn is a large conical, but curved, horn. That would be a cornucopia
     b. The Quorn is a famous and historical foxhunt in Great Britain.
     c. A quorn is a millstone used for grinding grain. That would be a quern
     d. Quorn is a brand of vegetarian meat substitutes made from edible fungus, for example: Quorn chicken. Saw this on the menu where we ate with our friends and had to ask since it was also marked as a vegetarian item

Hike Planning Report
Nothing! Way too tired after a whole day of talking enthusiastically to people over a lot of background noise.

See Words of the Week for the contest and people's answers in the comments.
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Rick (Ratty) said...

Jetfire is a good name for them. You're right, they do have a windswept look. They also remind me of birds in flight.

I completely guessed #1. I definitely knew the answer to #2, even though the definition I found was very vague. I almost guessed A on #3, but I thought it was too obvious. And I thought I had all of #4, because they blow a horn at the beginning of a fox hunt. You were right, it was a fun game.

Sharkbytes said...

Hey friend, you are still up! Well the Quorn thing was a real stumper when I saw it at the restaurant. Here's why. I knew that Quorn had to do with a foxhunt because I have an afghan pattern called the Quorn Hunt that has embroidered hunt pics all over it (and I've been sorting afghan patterns lately). So when we were looking at the menu, and I was pretty sure I was seeing the same word I was completely baffled. So thank goodness for the internet that keeps me from dying nearly daily of curiosity. (How did I live to be so old without the web?)

And I couldn't say yesterday that our friends are missionaries in the Philippines because that would have given away the answer to #1.

betchai said...

I actually applied for our high school rondalla before, but sadly, I was not accepted, I was not good enough at the strings I guess :( I love listening to our school's rondalla back then. it was a fun quiz.

I love your jetfire, true indeed, they look windswept.

WiseAcre said...

Thank goodness fur bearing, flea bitten varmint don't like daffodils. The tulips on the menu have made me give up on them but the Daffs thank goodness resist both the hungry and the cold.

Hey, I was serious for a change.

The Muse said...

Thanks for the game Shark! It was fun and really made me think.

Did you hear back from PJN yet?

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi betchai- Glad you had fun... oh, I'm sorry you didn't get in the rondalla.

Hi Wise one... we have to take the dafs seriously... they may be the only flowers we have left!

Muse- Nope, I haven't heard a word. I even sent a followup email to ask. Not sure what's up with that.

Glynis Peters said...

Ooo, I feel good, I knew Quorn as I used it in the UK and was a netball player at school. I got stumped on the other ones tho'.