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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bobsey Twins and The Great Falls in the Big Woods


Taughannock Falls 2008

I received a phone call today from my twin. Well... I'm sort of pulling your leg. Elaine and I almost share a birthday. Elaine is 364 days different in age from me. She is 6 feet tall, and I'm 5 foot 2 inches. We've known each other since ???. Our families went to the same church, but I don't recall being aware of her before junior high. We were both socially awkward and much preferred to be in the woods. And we played field hockey. She was right inner and I was right halfback, and we could move that ball! The coach nicknamed us "The Bobsey Twins," and here we are too many years later still pretending we are twins.

So we chatted for over an hour. She has some physical problems that keep her from getting outside as much as I can. And she emailed me the above picture she recently took of one of our old friends. That is Taughannock Falls (say Tuh-GAN-uck), near Ithaca, New York. The name translates from the Delaware language as "The Great Falls in the Big Woods." We both grew up just a little farther north, and it was always a favorite place to trek and explore. It is a straight 215 feet drop, and used to be billed as the highest falls east of the Rocky Mountains. The last time I was back there I noticed that they have changed the sign to say "One of the highest falls east of the Rocky Mountains." Sigh... I liked it being the winner.

So to continue the twin motif I'm adding another picture of the falls that I took in 1973 from approximately the same place.

Taughannock Falls 1973

Hike Planning Report
Started creating a custom guide for us with all the information that I've been able to gather from contacting people.

Filled the dehydrator with eggplant, cucumber, and citrus slices.

Walked 1 mile with 28 pounds.

See Thinking About This Year's Big Hike
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Xpresi Blogger said...

Very nice photography!

rainfield61 said...

Follow your Hike Planning Report daily makes me recall my day at Mt Kinabalu, a 17-hours trip and 8 deg C at the mountain top.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Xpresi- thank you!

rainfield- Yes, I think I can tell in your blog that you are quite a hiker yourself. Isn't it a great life?

Grampy said...

Beautiful waterfall. I'd like to visit there myself. Connecticut can't be that far.

Anonymous said...

thanks for you visiting my blog.
my english is terrible,but I'm smart guy !
have a great day and a nice week-end.
Your's forever.
Kamel from Montreal !

Rick (Ratty) said...

Your twin and you both took good pictures of a wonderful place. I think big waterfalls like this are just breathtaking.

Joe Todd said...

Enjoyed the post and photography.
You mentioned your dehydrater..I haven't used mine in quite awhile but will be getting it out

Thanks, Joe Todd

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Grampy- CT is about 6 hours, my best guess. Lots of great things to see in the Finger Lakes

Hi Kamel- my French is pretty rusty, but pictures should speak to everyone.

Ratty- this falls has so much personality. It can be everything from a tiny trickle to a raging torrent. I really, really like it.

Hi Joe- I'll be talking more about my dehydrator next week when I really get into high gear on the food prep.

WiseAcre said...

Let me know when you go back to Taughannock Falls. It as to be close to 50 years since I was last there. If I can get away I'll meet you there and you can carry me out.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi WiseAcre- You are a very funny fellow! Aw... it's only 3/4 mile hike to the base of the falls! You can take the pics seen here by walking a few feet from your car.