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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monthly Winners!

and a Road er...Trail Block Accomplishment?

tree across trail

OK... here's the Road Trail Block. This summer a dead Siberian Elm (think junk tree) dropped a bunch of branches across my trail that I mow out back. I've been ignoring it all summer, just walking around it. But I need to mow before it snows so the skiing will be better. However, for now we'll continue to ignore it.

The Winners!

I am wondering if I am making the contests too hard, because only two people entered. Two entries does make a contest, but I would like it to be more fun for more people. Tomorrow I'll start a poll on this issue.

The entries were from Ratty at the Everyday Adventurer, one of my most stalwart supporters. The other was from Sam Haraldson, a participant in the August Scavenger Hunt. It was really close! I figured that there were a total of 13 possible points- one point for each correct answer, and some of the 7 questions had multiple parts. Sam got 11 and Ratty got 10. So, the winner is Sam of Ultralight Backpacking. Congrats, Sam!

Here are the answers:

1. Your son tells you he wants an abseiling costume for Halloween. He wants to dress as a rappeller. Abseiling is simply the German word for it, but it is sometimes used as an English synonym.

2. Match the word in column A with the closest match in column B (the Halloween connection eludes me)

3. Your friend comes to the office party dressed as a Tibetan monk playing the bagpipes. What do the following have to do with his costume?
crocus - the saffron dye for the monks' robes is extracted from the crocus
cocus - cocus is a hard wood used in the chanter of the bagpipes

4. What movie (possibly scary) has the line near the beginning “That’s one dead burg,” and ends with the number 601 appearing on the screen?
This is Andromeda Strain (1971), a Michael Chrichton classic. The 601 was a symbol for computer overload!

5. Your twins want to dress as Heckyl and Jeckyl. You should research corvids to make a costume. Heckyl and Jeckyl are crows.

6. Guess how many birds are on the wire. (Not flying or in a tree.) The answer was 89. Both entries were close! But Ratty was closer on this one.

7. Who named the battery and why was it given that name? Benjamin Franklin named the battery, because the first batteries were rows of wet cells in jars, wired together. He thought they looked like rows of cannon or mortars, which were called batteries.

The Top Commenters
I like to give the top commenters of the past month a free link with a small icon in the sidebar. These haven't been changed since August because of the Scavenger Hunt and hiking. I began with comments for October. There were 54 total commenters- I think that's the most different people for a month yet! When I had all of those counted there was a tie, so I continued going back, one day at a time until I had 10 clear winners. Here they are:
Everyday Adventurer (Ratty- 33 comments)
Our Simple Life (Julia- 16 comments)
My Journey (rainfield61- 16 comments)
Dances of Dreams (IcyBC - 10 comments)
Joys of the Simple Life (betchai- 7 comments)
Secondary Roads (Chuck - 7 comments)
WillOaks Studio (Karen - 6 comments)
Scribbles from Glynis (Glynis- 6 comments)
Carmen's Chronicles (Carmen- 6 comments)
Duck and Wheel with String (Lin- 6 comments)

The Saga Continues
And now back to that blocked trail. Thursday was a decent day and I finally decided to do something about it.

wheelbarrow full of wood

open trail

The wood will go to my campfire wood pile. Much better than the aspen that I usually end up burning. So that was an accomplishment, right? Maybe, not. Look what's around the curve... I'll keep you posted.

trees across trail

P.S. Josh says Loopy is doing really well!

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Rick (Ratty) said...

First I want to say that I'm glad Loopy is doing okay. My biggest soft spot is for dogs. Second, congratulations to Sam for winning the contest.

I think the natural inclination here on the web is towards laziness. Everybody wants things to be quick and easy. I'm just as guilty of this as anyone. Your contests are fun, but nobody will learn that until they slow down and see for themselves. I've been thinking the same things with regards to my Fiction Friday posts. Do what you feel you have to do, but I like your contests. And good luck with your trail block.

Glynis Peters said...

Firstly thanks for the free ad gift.
I seem to miss the start of the contests as I wamble through the blogs I follow. By the time I remember to come back, it is nearly finished!
I will try harder :)

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Thank you for the ad gift, and I just wish to have more time to join the contest. As of now, I'm behind in everything..

WillOaks Studio said...

I'm so nicely surprised by your comments mention because I didn't know (I just like to drop by and see what's up here!) And speaking of skiing and trees?? We are always cutting up downed branches and fallen trees and whatnot all over the place here...I need to shoot a whole TRUNK that rotted at the base and just fell over, bang!

samh said...

It's fun to stop your regular routine once in awhile and hunt for the answers to questions that can be intriguing. It took a fair amount of my Internet-search skills to figure the movie quote answer. Also, I'm in disagreement with the answer to the inventor of the battery.


Julia said...

Glad to hear the doggie is improving. Maybe she will remember how to be nice to you... maybe not...

About that contest. Well I am just plain lazy this week. Sorry... I really liked the word hunt puzzle stuff from your big vacation scavenger hunt.

And thanks for the props on comments. :)

Work around the property? We've got that!

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- Yeah, I'm a dog person too.

Hi Glynis- "wamble?" I love it! wander and ramble... sort of like being drunk without the liquor.

Karen- I think I discovered your name by searching your shop, tee, hee! I like surprising people that way. Some folks know about the commenters link, but it's really nice to be able to reward someone who just came by for fun!

Hi Sam- Franklin didn't invent it, he just named it.

Julia- I think it's a good think you are young enough to have super-mom energy yet with your farm and kids and the flu! I used to keep up with the work much better. Even I seem to have gotten old and lazy.

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