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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nature's Alphabet K - O

Just to remind you of the basic "rules" I used for getting these. I couldn't "manufacture" any letters, but I allowed myself to pull branches or grass out of the way to clear a picture foreground. It was ok to move around to get a perspective that might create the letter, and pictures are cropped to focus the letter. I also decided that it was ok to change the orientation of the picture.

the letter K

the letter L

the letter M

the letter N

the letter O

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The Oceanside Animals said...


Secondary Roads said...

Neat! What excellent eyes you have.

Jude said...

These look like a fun thing to do, but I seriously doubt I could find enough photos for the letters and the kayaking trip seemed like a lot of fun.

Ann said...

Very cool. I saw something similar at a craft show. Someone had put together words using pictures that looked like each letter. It was awesome.

RNSANE said...

Amazing! You're almost at the end of the alphabet!

RNSANE said...

The kayaking looks wonderful - for you, not me...in my younger years, maybe! I can't imagine rowing anything with this rotator cuff tear!

Rick (Ratty) said...

This is a fun idea. I keep trying to remember to look for things that look like letters too now just for my own fun, but I don't think my brain is geared quite that way. My mind always looks for things that look like fantasy creatures. I'm always finding trees with mouths or eyes. I'm glad you find things like the alphabet because it gives me a wonderful different perspective, things I never see on my own.

Sharkbytes said...

Dennis- I'm teaching the wildlife to read so it can torment you.

Chuck- It's my brain, it's a disease, I can't help it!

Jude- The kayaking was simply wonderful!

Ann- That's a neat idea. Like SUMMER spelled in summery letters?

Carmen- Yes, I really only have one letter to get, and I could have it, but I'm holding out for a better one.

Ratty- Well, I see them too. I have a file called "Phantomals" with goofy logs that look like things. We should have a contest!

Lisa said...

Great photo idea.