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Saturday, October 31, 2009


crow in treetop

I'm not a big Halloween fan. If you are interested in my philosophy about it you can read "Evolving Feelings Concerning the Celebration of Halloween." But this isn't a philosophy blog.

twisted branches

So, I'm just posting some pictures of things that some people find spooky. I never used to be able to understand that at all. But at this point in my life, I've spent enough time with people who are not comfortable in the outdoors that I guess I can see where their feelings come from.

crow in treetop

What do you think?

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Rick (Ratty) said...

One thing I never feel while I'm outdoors is afraid. I may write a few scary stories, but they're purely for fun. Your pictures of the trees give me only comfort, just as being in the woods does the same. I do understand why many people would be afraid of these kind of images though. The unknown is a human's biggest fear. Education is the only thing to take the fear away, for nature and for the the fears associated with Halloween.

Autumn Belle said...

I think you are very creative with the pictures. The first one is indeed spooky, especially based on the expression of the disturbed bird.
The 2nd picture reminds me of winter while I like the 3rd picture most because I see shoots on the trees and a peaceful bird, it has positive energy.

Glynis Peters said...

The pics would make great book covers for Halloween spooks!

betchai said...

i love them Sharbytes, they never look spooky to me, they are very interesting pictures that I also enjoy taking pictures of. but maybe it is because, like Ratty, I am not scared enjoying the great outdoors.

Julia said...

I think those pictures are beauty not spooky, but par for the course for me.

On Halloween I find it humorous and very odd that this tradition of walking around begging for candy from total strangers is acceptable. I laugh to myself that we teach our kids to not talk to stranger and never take anything from them for 364 days a year, except Halloween. Weird stuff.

I DO like carving pumpkins and doing the costumes for fun but the ritual has no other "deeper" meaning beyond that. It is fun to have the excitement of hunting for the perfect pumpkins and playing dress up for one night. I guess we are shallow in Halloween...

Julia said...

And yes, Halloween has turned into a commercial endeavor which has no real beneficial end. Your idea to donate to a All Saint's day charity makes much more sense from a rational point of view.

Lin said...

Add some leaves, a bit of sunshine, and all is sweet again. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Ratty- more schools are working on the education part, but it's too bad that families just don't do it. (I suppose that's a different topic)

Autumn Belle- you were the only one to comment on the pose of the bird in the first one... yes it looks like he is making aggressive noises, doesn't it.

Glynis- You have books on the brain right now, my friend!

Betchai- I'm glad I have so many brave friends!

Julia- I think you must have read my "philosophy" article. Thanks! If I still had little ones, I'm sure we would do the dress-up part and pumpkins. I'm not a complete wet blanket.

Lin- It's all in the perspective, eh?