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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nature's Alphabet: A - E

Hey! I finally did something today that I've been wanting to do for a LONG time. I got rid of that background supplied by Blogger that wasn't yellow, brown, or pink. It was supposed to look like parchment. The texture was fine, but I hated the color. So I made my own background "paper." There is a tiny spacing issue at the bottom to fix, but I like it a lot. What do you think?

So, tah-DAH, here are the first 5 alphabet letters, as per your votes from the end of October. I made up some basic "rules" for getting these. I couldn't "manufacture" any letters, but I allowed myself to pull branches or grass out of the way to clear a picture foreground. It was ok to move around to get a perspective that might create the letter, and pictures are cropped to focus the letter. As you will see, I also decided that it was ok to change the orientation of the picture.

I've gotten all of these pictures within a few miles of my house, and during the past few weeks. If I took more time, in different seasons and locations, there could be more variety in the "finds." I'll present 5 letters every day that I don't have something else special.

the letter A

the letter B

the letter C

the letter D

the letter E

Oh, and I did ride my bike for about 6 miles today. It was almost 60, and the wind calmed down, so I figured I'd better ride if I was going to get any chance this year. Tomorrow might be nice too.

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Mike said...

A good start. I look forward to some more letters and the ways you represent them.

Rick (Ratty) said...

I like the paper background you've chosen. The nature's alphabet is pretty creative. I've never thought of looking for anything like this when I'm out.

betchai said...

wow, love your nature's alphabet Sharkbytes. love your letter E :) your picture tells me how much you pay attention to nature's surprises around you.

glad you were able to ride your bike. hope you have another good ride today.

Diane KQ said...

I love, Love, LOVE this post! As a teacher and artist, it really caught my eye. What a great activity for winter, or any season! I'd love to print a set of your photos for my preschoolers when you get to Z. (How about numbers 0-9, too!) You might be interested in my Seattle Bento Box slide show on my blog (it's natural composition in nature, not letters) but I also have lots of photos of driftwood that I see animal shapes (will try to post soon). P.S. also love your new background - I've been wanting to change mine, too - paisley is a motif in my life so I'm looking for a blue-green paisley background.

Mark said...

I love the change of background. Reminds me that I must do something with mine!

spinninglovelydays said...

Ooh, that's clever. I actually voted for this and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing in what form the other letters would be. :)

Lin said...

Did you see the letters first or did you look for letters in nature? Good eye, Sharky!

Clara said...

Awesome! And so clever.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Mike- Hope you will like them. There won't be as much variety as there would have been in summer.

Ratty- Huh? I just see stuff like this all the time. I made the background myself. Unique to me.

Hi Betchai- The E was a big surprise. I was trying for a K and when I looked at the picture, found an E in it instead that I hadn't seen before.

Diane- I'm so glad you stopped by. You are free to grab the letters if you want. Actually, you've made me think that I might put them on my photo site, if you think that others might use them. I'll check out your blog- sounds interesting.

Mark- thanks! I'm glad someone else really likes it, because I can't tell you how much I disliked the other one.

Ivy- It's fun for me, so I'm glad you are enjoying it too.

Hi Lin- I just see them all the time. I'm learning, from comments, that others don't, I guess.

Clara- Thanks!

Julia said...

Those are so cool! I cant wait to see next ones. The B was the best in originality. The C was best in total beauty!

web design agency said...

Super clever! I love it!

Sharkbytes said...

Julia- I was really struggling with B for a while!

wda- Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like it!

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

oh my gosh! I love these. I might do something similar, maybe w/ food. :-) Beautiful photos! I love it!