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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Philadelphia Flower Show 2010 - Animals

giraffe made of plant materialOne of the fun things about the flower show was the number of animals that were made of plant materials fastened to forms or made completely of natural materials.

Although I tried really hard to minimize the number of people showing in most of my pictures, I left them in this view of the giraffe so that you can see how large it is.

lion made of plant material

Also part of the Africa display, this lion had a skeleton of twisted branches. I thought this was very creative, but I'm showing you the back view, because the face wasn't so good. It looked like an English Sheepdog rather than a lion.

elephant made of plant material
On the other hand, the elephant picture is from the rear simply because I ran out of time to go around to the other side of the India display and get a picture of its face. It is obviously much more realistic, but the technique was to cover a form with petals. It looks great, but is less creative.

flamingos made of plant material

parrot made of plant materialI thought the flamingos weren't as well done as the parrots. There was a whole group of parrots, and they were also very creative- not simply forms covered with flowers.

corgi made of plant material

There were several shaped topiaries, but I thought this corgi was the best. Of the ones that were part of the flower show competitive entries, this one took first place.

lobster made of plant material

Finally, I really like this lobster! It was part of a display called "Maine to Florida," that was supposed to be like a road trip on Route 1. The middle of the journey was pretty much missing, but the ends were cute- the Maine lobster in particular.

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Joanne Olivieri said...

Shark, these are so cool. What creative talent. I love the lobster and elephant. That must have been an amazing show.

rainfield61 said...

Shark? Did I see shark? lol.

But I love the lobster, that is inteesting!!

The Oceanside Animals said...

The lobster is my favorite, too.

Ann said...

oh those are awesome. How cool is that. That lobster is really neat.

Rebecca said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos; I've never seen a flower show, and it's especially welcome during the dregs of winter. I like the lobster best.

Sharkbytes said...

Jo- I've been to quite a few different ones, and Philadelphia is really quite good.

rainfield- I wish! Hey, you are right, there should have been one.

Dennis- Your eastern roots are showing.

Ann- I think the lobster is very creative.

Rebecca- Yes, I think that has a lot to do with the timing of the shows... everyone is ready for some color and the yummy smells.

Ratty said...

I think I like the lion the most, although they are all fun to look at. Even though a few of the others look like they were done better, I like the idea of the lion.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- I liked how creative the lion is. The plant material was the framework as well as the covering. I almost wonder if a different person did the face. It was so poor.

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