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Monday, March 22, 2010

Today- Brown, Tomorrow- Green


Here's a quick, easy game. Can you find the butterfly? You can make the picture larger. Don't cheat! Try to find it before you scroll down.

While you are looking, I'll tell you a little bit about what you are looking for. This is one of the very earliest spring butterflies to be seen in the Great Lakes region. It was fluttering around today, and I sure didn't think that I would catch its picture. Well, it's not a great picture.

Did you find it? Here's the closer shot I managed to catch, but the focus isn't good.

mourning cloak butterfly

The mourning cloak is a "tortoiseshell butterfly." The edges of its wings almost look ragged. Its scientific name is Nymphalis antiopa. The book says that the first set of legs in this genus are stunted, making them look like they have only 4 legs. I'll have to watch for that.

mourning cloak butterfly

By far the best picture I have was taken last May in Minnesota. And, sadly, this one was killed by a car. But you can see how pretty the pattern is, even though it is mostly brown. OK... did you find where it was hiding in the first picture?

mourning cloak butterfly

Tomorrow- I did find something green! Unless something else spectacular shows up... think bright green!

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Duxbury Ramblers said...

Did not spot the butterfly, it blended in well.

We have had 2 reports of peacock butterflies and a bumblebee in the area, not seen any myself. The air will be full of them shortly.

Ann said...

I wasn't sure if I had found it or not in the first picture until you confirmed it with the last one. It blends in with the leaves so well.

Secondary Roads said...

It took patience, but I found it. Almost like searching for morels.

Joanne Olivieri said...

I could not find it at all. It blended perfectly in the terrain. Your contests are challenging, I love them.

Ratty said...

Ooh! Fun game! And the butterfly is in the perfect setting. Yeah, I saw it right away, but that's because I have a fond eye for mourning cloak butterflies. I've been waiting for them to show up here this year too. I identified my first one last year around this time. I think they're my favorite, because they're the first I ever researched.

Joe Todd said...

Brown and Green much better than Gray LOL .. Fun post

spinninglovelydays said...

That was fun. And hard. Obviously, I did not spot it all, lol.

Lin said...

I did! I saw it's little antennae sticking up!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Carol- Don't know the peacock butterfly. Will trust you to find one and show me!

Ann- It sure does. I was taking pics, and hoping it was in there.

Chuck- at least the morels hold still!

Jo- I'm glad you like a challenge- I think if they are too easy one never learns.

Ratty- odd that I saw one before you. You are usually about 2 weeks ahead of here.

Joe- yeah... some rain and we will really have green. Need rain!

Ivy- thanks for looking, though!

Lin- I bet you count the legs and divide by 4 to determine how many cows in a field, too.

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