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Monday, March 8, 2010

Philadelphia Flower Show 2010 - Form

ficus with organic shapesI have to admit that most of the pictures here are of succulents, and if I had been working hard at bringing a balanced picture of the show, there would be many other examples of form. But you are getting a very personal, skewed version... mine.

Of course, there is interesting form in some of the pictures I've already shown you, particularly the blue raceme (stalk) from "color", and some of the entries under "texture." I'm repeating one, because it's so different close up from farther away.

The first form is very organic. It's a Ficus (fig). Maggie really liked these shapes. I went more for the geometric ones as you will see.

Deuterocohnia brevifolia

This is the Deuterocohnia brevifolia that was featured in texture. I love this plant close up, but it's awesome in the long view as well!

Haworthia limifolia

We found this plant, Haworthia limifolia, taking several different color directions. All were variegated with the dark green and yellow. This one is definitely on my wish list. But in addition to the interesting color variations, The shape is outstanding, and with its shadows, is a winner.


Here's a cactus of the Mammalaria genus. There are lots of them, and they aren't particular favorites of mine. But the geometry of this one is really interesting.

Haworthia viscosa

Finally, here's another angular one, Haworthia viscosa. I really like those clean edges and the nested look.

Are you still having fun? I can go a few more days with masks and more succulents, and miniatures for sure. It's mostly brown and gray outside, so we aren't missing much of interest here. If something wonderful happens, I can just interrupt the series.

See Philadelphia Flower Show 2009- II I didn't do a whole entry on form from last year, but this is close


Julia said...

I've a place in my heart for succulents! I love them. I have a few that I keep in pots outside and they are little jewels of a different kind.

The flower show sounds wonderful! I've got to see something like that someday. :) I could really appreciate it.

Secondary Roads said...

The cactii are lovely.

Ann said...

I am most definitely still having fun :) I love all these plants that you have been posting, I just wish I had a green thumb and could keep things alive in my house.

Ratty said...

I don't know much about any plant, but I do know that I like these. I remember when my grandma used to keep plants like these in her house. It gives me a small amount of comfort now just to see them.

spinninglovelydays said...

I enjoy looking and learning. Keep 'em coming please :)

Lin said...

Oh, I like when you post from the flower show! So many cool things to see!! Thanks for going for us each year.

Sharkbytes said...

Julia- We really have to figure out how to botanize together sometime!

Chuck- did you notice that some swirl one way and some the other. That is just weird!

Oh Ratty! What a nice thing to say!

Ivy- Not a problem- they are still brightening my days.

Lin- Ha! You are very welcome!

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