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Thursday, August 16, 2012

This n That

Well, folks, it was a really, REALLY frustrating day, but I don't talk about that stuff on this blog, right?

How about a list of the good stuff. "Let me see now... (taps fingers on desk)... where did I leave that good stuff?"

I finally dropped one more pound. OK... that was good.

I got the paperwork done for the cases I did yesterday.

I got a double interior survey done this afternoon.

My camera did not freeze up in the rain from being damp.

Here's some of the "this:" Mid-afternoon- horizontal rain at the Lake Michigan Shore (yes I was outside; my shirt and pants are drying on the rack)


The light ended with some of "that:" Late evening- sun on puffy clouds over my back yard


So, for a little reality check in small print, my plan is to go to the bloggy picnic at Chuck's on Saturday and then hike for three days after that. But I have to clean resorts tomorrow and Om and I are going out tomorrow night, and it's not looking good for me being ready to leave at the crack of dawn Saturday. Everything today seemed to conspire against it. Somehow, it has to happen-unless there is a message that I'm supposed to be getting.

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Secondary Roads said...

You don't have to leave at the "crack of dawn." You can even hit the snooze button on the alarm--two or three times if you want.

Jenny Woolf said...

Hope you get to the picnic. I like your blog.

Ann said...

It sounds to me like you a have few very busy days left ahead of you. Have fun and take some time to enjoy it all

vanilla said...

Surely hope you make it to the blog fest.

RNSANE said...

Seems to me you need more than a 24 hour day, Joan...you cram so much into every one. That 3 day hike is a good thing!!!!