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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Haworthia in Bloom

One of my succulents that I purchased at the 2010 Philadelphia Flower Show has bloomed. It's always interesting to see what you'll get when that happens.

I believe this is Haworthia fasciata. Definitely a Haworthia, probably fasciata because it is a common houseplant, and the white tubercles are on the outsides of the leaves but not the insides. If they were on the insides as well it would be Haworthia attenuata.

Haworthia fasciata

In August it shot out some long, leggy stems, a typical form for many succulents.

Haworthia fasciata
This one was branched.

Haworthia fasciata

And the blossoms? Dainty little white things with maroon stripes. There is a lot of variation in the leaves of Haworthias, but if you have a plant and it blooms and has flowers with three petals up, three down and the stripes, you can be pretty sure it's some Haworthia.

Haworthia fasciata

See PFS- Haworthia for more species
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Lin said...

Wow. I don't think I would have waited to see what that long stemmy thing was going to do--I'd have cut it off! I guess it pays to wait and see, eh?

Small Kucing said...

wow..I have not seen of this flowers before.

Ann said...

Well isn't that cool. That long stem is interesting. I didn't know they did that

Secondary Roads said...

I took one look at it and was convinced that it was named, "Haw-thorn-ia." There are three possible reasons for that.
1. Hawthorn is a famous author.
2. It seems to fit the appearance.
3. My mind is wasted.
Pick the one you like best. :)

RNSANE said...

Very interesting plant. During these drought times in CA, more and more people are planting succulents. I am watching in dismay as the wildfires, this year, are burning very close to Sacramento, where my son and his family live. It is so sad, every year, to see the amount of destruction caused by these fires, often started by careless campers.

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