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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Four or Six?

Glanced out the window through the rain today and saw three really wet deer in the yard. One of them was a buck!

Do you think he has four or six points?

whitetail buck

Take a close look. The answer is five!

whitetail buck

See Which Way Did He Go?
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! We often have Mule Deer and Black Tail Deer wander onto our property. Such a privilege to be able to live close to nature.

vanilla said...

I grew up in the West and learned to hunt mule deer. Imagine my confusion when I moved to the Midwest and found that tines are counted differently! The whitetail tines here are counted as you counted, and so you have a five pointer. I learned (mule) it would have been a two-point buck, or a stickler might say a 2x3. What is called an eight-point here would be a four-point in the Rockies. Of course a mule's antlers grow differently from a white's, too.

Ann said...

From far away it does look like 4 but that 5th one is obvious from the right angle

rainfield61 said...

This must be the time to see plenty of deer.

Secondary Roads said...

I would have gotten that wrong. It must have been one of our recent cloudy days when you took that. I don't see shadows to tell me time of day. I'm guessing evening as the deer is out and about and there appears to be a red shift in the light. Or am I wrong [again]?

RNSANE said...

How wonderful to see such wildlife right in your own back yard. My friend, who lives in Anchorage, often has brown bear, on her deck and an occasional moose in the yards.

The most I ever see are skunks. possums and squirrels &, maybe, when I drive toward the ocean, a deer might appear.

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