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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pebawma Lake


Out working today and I had to get between two places that don't connect very well, so I got to see some new back roads! Discovered a small lake I'd never seen before, or even heard of, Pebawma Lake. A little creek drains out of it that joins Beaver Creek, and wanders across three counties before circling back to eventually empty into the Pere Marquette River. I thought I was going to show you back roads, but this lake was too charming. Here are the best pictures. Just enjoy. The place sure made my day!

Pebawma Lake

Pebawma Lake

Pebawma Lake

Pebawma Lake

Pebawma Lake

Pebawma Lake

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Ann said...

looks so peaceful. I love the reflections in the water

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Gorgeous, Joan!

Secondary Roads said...

Pure Michigan!

Love those photos and that beautiful location.

Unknown said...

Just beautiful.

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