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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Would It Be Easier to be Green?

Today was the day of improbable lawn decor.

First we have the green flamingos. Wonder what they've been eating- limes? Firetrucks? And they have two friends of some unknown species. Any guesses? Pink peahens?

green flamingos

Then, when I was almost home, I found the guys who should be green but aren't. These are just for my pal Lin who loves her froggies! And anybody else's froggies too.

musical frogs

I have a little backlog of flamingos. Always good for a rainy day. Today was not rainy. It was gol-danged near perfect!

See Flamingos
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Lin said...

ooooh, I LOVE the frogs! I wish my frogs could play like that. ;)

Those are some creepy flamingos. The black and pink look like skeletons. EEK!

Ann Thompson said...

Those frogs are very cool. I wonder if they are playing Froggy went a courtin

Secondary Roads said...

People put strange things in their yards, and that in the name of art. Reckon what Art thinks?

vanilla said...

Plastic flamingos are plastic flamingos, and you have collected more than anyone I know. But that frog trio is amazing!

RNSANE said...

I guess those specimens are decorative. It takes all kinds. I like pink flamingoes. There are some at the salt flats here in Mumbai but I haven't managed to see them yet.

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