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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

White Pine Trail- Big Rapids to Stanwood

Om and I managed to get it together enough to continue our section rides down the White Pine Trail. Today we rode 9.1 miles that count toward the goal, but of course 18.2 to get back to the car!

We started in Big Rapids where we left off last year, and rode south. Om had borrowed a mountain bike because this section is not paved. It was well-packed pea gravel, and wasn't difficult with the mountain bikes.

White Pine Trail

Not all of it was this appealing. This section is pretty much straight with a lot of road crossings. But it was mostly in the shade, so that helped make it more attractive and comfortable.

We did go past a lovely small wetland, and my favorite pictures of the day come from there.

White Pine Trail

White Pine Trail

The summer is winding down and goldenrod (pretty sure this is Canada goldenrod, but it could be tall goldenrod) is in full glory.


And the gray dogwood puts on one of its best looks when the berries show off.

gray dogwood

We reached Stanwood in just over an hour. There isn't much there. Of course a rail trail is going to go past some of the ugliest buildings a town may have, but I liked the light and shadows. Try to imagine it as Cezanne would have painted it!

White Pine Trail

But there were those reminders that it's September already. An occasional red leaf intrudes messages of summer's end.

red leaf

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Ann said...

I like that first picture with the tree lined path. One of my favorite things about the beginning of fall is seeing the fields filling up with goldenrod.

Unknown said...

A most picturesque trail. I love the daisy plant goldenrod which has much more tiny flowers than the European variety. I bought some last year, it was a dwarf version so only grew about two feet high. I was looking forward to it flowering again this year but it was obviously less hardy than the original version - so I suppose that I will have to start all over again.

Your trail looks amazing this time of year, full of green and energy with licks of sunshine everywhere.

RNSANE said...

It looks like a nice bike ride for you energetic youngsters. I like the shadow play on the town buildings. You always manage to get some nice photos.

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