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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lincoln Lake

Today I was very near Lincoln Lake, so I decided to just go take some pictures. The main road from Ludington to the state park crosses it, so it's really easy to forget about it, because it's just there all the time.

The first shot was taken into the sun, and so it isn't great. It must have also been a little hazy since these shots are muted. But I wanted to give you a general idea of the lake. It's long and narrow, just a wide place in the Lincoln River, really.

Lincoln Lake

I always tell people who don't know anything at all about plants that you can still learn some things on a nature outing. For example, you could count the shades of green and try to give them names. You can try to find different textures. The edges of Lincoln Lake would be a great place to do either of those exercises.

Lincoln Lake

Lincoln Lake

Reflections and ripples always make interesting shots.

Lincoln Lake

But this one is my favorite of the day. No question about it.

Lincoln Lake

See North Branch Lincoln River
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Loritenor said...

Any Of those last three would make a very difficult jigsaw puzzle! Lovely and very tranquil.....

The Furry Gnome said...

Yah, those last two pix are great!

vanilla said...

"it's really easy to forget about it because it's just there all the time." You just sent me to school with this reminder that familiarity may breed, if not contempt, forgetfulness. I need to be more attentive to the ones I am with "all the time." And the lily pad shot is fantastic!

Rick (Ratty) said...

Beautiful pictures. I love visiting the water. I miss Michigan rivers and lakes. They're a little bit different here in Iowa.

Secondary Roads said...

Oh, those are lily pads. At first glance they looked like green jelly fish. Whoever heard of a green jelly fish?

Ann Thompson said...

I always like being near the lake. Love the reflections in that last picture