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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Buckeye Trail- Akron Points 1-5

Hiking day number six. We have now started south on the tail of the T from the triple point (that Buckeye Trail map on an interpretive sign). This day we did 10.4 miles.

This was within Cuyahoga Valley National Park. These miles were not yet on the towpath trail, which defined the southern portion of this segment. So we enjoyed wooded trails, and more hills than we'd seen on other days. None were very difficult, though.

wooded trail

This was a really interesting stream bed. The trail dropped down to ford the creek and the banks were this two-toned clay and rock.

tan rock face

I did put this picture on Facebook, but it was SO yummy, I have to share again. One of my shopping coups, pre-trip, was some large specialty crackers. We took pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and some salsa. Voila- instant trail pizzas. I'll have to watch for those crackers again.

trail pizza

I liked this weathered tree that had fallen. It was smooth, as if it had been polished, and a terrarium planted between the roots.

fallen tree
One of the best parts of the afternoon was Blue Hen Falls. It's a small waterfall, but has a pretty good drop. You can see that people play in the pool. It's not deep enough, nor the water strong enough to be unsafe. The creek it's on flows into the Cuyahoga River, but I couldn't find out its name.

Blue Hen Falls

And just before reaching the trailhead, we crossed the Cuyahoga once again. It was an important transportation route, and I'll be doing a post about that later.

Cuyahoga River

82.7 miles total.

It occurred to me on this hike that I may be the first person to hike all of the North Country Trail, the Finger Lakes Trail, and the Buckeye Trail. I hadn't added up my Buckeye miles because I knew I had a lot to do yet and it was depressing. However, last night I did a spreadsheet with all the Ohio hikes, and my Buckeye total is 1219 miles, with 194 to go. That is very doable! Unfortunately, those miles are spread around in three different locations, because to get the Buckeye patch you have to do all the loops and spurs.

But I'm encouraged. I want to finish it! Now. Too bad that's not compatible with working.

See Buckeye Trail- Bedford 10-15
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Ann said...

The trail pizza sounds pretty good. Love that tree