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Friday, August 11, 2017

My Trailer - Redo Days 23-29 - Half Stripped

This is the milestone I was trying to reach on Monday. Now it's Friday. I would have finished yesterday, but the thunderstorm beat me to the last square. I'm going to be really lucky to get the exterior of the trailer done this summer, but I'll keep trying. It's half stripped. Actually, a tiny bit more than that, but the door side from the center seam down to all the bottom edges is done (first pass, not including removing the windows and lights, and final scrub and sanding).

For the record, this took almost exactly 3 quarts of Citristrip. I just cut the larger jug open to use the last bits that cling to the plastic.

1984 Companion trailer

And look at all the Bondo-ed spots on the back! That makes one wonder, eh? And, yes, it was really difficult to get the bottom of the curved wall behind the welded-on gear rack.

1984 Companion trailer

No similar surprises on the front end.

1984 Companion trailer

Did you think I was going to tell you it was all stripped? I wish. It's just not that easy. Even on days when I have lots of time to work on it, my shoulders will only tolerate so much. It really makes the right one ache.

1984 Companion trailer

I also got the old dead solar panel off the roof. My Dremel oscillating saw was a big help to accomplish that. I used both the scraper blade on the sealant, and a metal blade to cut some of the screws. Note to DIYers- don't use regular steel screws as exterior exposed fasteners.

1984 Companion trailer

Scrubbed the area, too. That panel predates the paint job. I find that quite interesting. Wish I knew how many previous owners this trailer has seen. I'm considering a small solar set-up. Expensive. Fussy. Not sure yet.

Just a footnote. Those plastic scrapers that work well for this, but get soft and dull... I used my Dremel to put an edge back on one. It did make it better, but the stripper definitely softens the plastic. I bought a couple more, since they are cheap.

Also sanded the two fiberglass patches that are now ready for the filler layer. And I have stripper soaking on one more area right now. Have to go scrape that. Of course, it's Friday night, so I'm off to work in just a bit.

Energy level has been high the last couple of weeks. That is good!

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Ann said...

You may wish you were further ahead with this but I am duly impressed by your progress.

Secondary Roads said...

It is looking good. Still so much to do.

Sharkbytes said...

Thank you, Ann.

Chuck- you know it, buddy. I'm trying not to get discouraged.

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