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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Colors of/and Books

Most of my day was spent inside the Muskegon Barnes & Noble where they held an author event. Still, I managed to get a few colorful pictures outside, beginning with a stripey sunrise.

sunrise over grain elevator

I thought it was interesting how one color seemed to stand out on these shelves of books. The yellow is the business section and is dominated by "... for Dummies" books!

colorful books

colorful books

There were 33 authors tucked in various places around the store. Things were slow, but I did better in the final half hour, so I can't complain. I did well enough that it was worth my time to go. Some authors didn't sell much at all. That's tough. But I was highly encouraged to see people, all kinds of people, lots of people buying books. Most were getting multiple books. Even if they weren't buying from "us," they were there to take home books. Books. I've become a little jaded by all the people who walk by author tables at general events, growling, "I don't read."

authors selling books

Other colors of the day were pink, blue, green. The hydrangea was at the library where I had to go to make a copy before I left town. The blue sky was a nice change from the rain. Of course, it's raining again now, but I think tomorrow is supposed to be clear- I will welcome that. And the the green of the Muskegon River as it passes by Muskegon.

pink hydrangea

blue sky

trees along a river

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