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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Singin' Between the Rains

Cathy and I had tentatively agreed to walk together today after she finished work and before I had to be at bell practice. But then it rained early afternoon. And then it stopped raining! We managed a dry walk. Even the tree was singing.

funny face in tree

We did a three-mile loop that included some streets and the paved trail at Cartier Park. Lincoln Lake was gray beneath the cloudy skies, but a water view is always welcome.

Lincoln Lake

I think this polypore is the same kind I saw on my Midland to Mackinac hike last year. It seems to go nuts in the fall and cover every inch of some fallen log.

white polypore

The fall colors aren't very intense here yet. But a few trees are starting to get colorful. I actually like the subtle bands of color in the first picture as much as the bright single trees of the other two.

fall colors

fall colors

fall colors

It was nice to get caught up with Cathy. The "urban walk" was perfect for the day because it didn't involve any extra driving miles.

Oh, and it started raining again just as we finished!

In other news: I wrote in the morning, and worked on formatting some in the afternoon. Then walked and had bell choir practice.

See a similar polypore
See Lincoln River Continued
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Ann said...

Well you timed that walk perfectly. I like that lone colorful tree against the green background. It realy stands out

Secondary Roads said...

My first impression of that initial image was, "there's a lizard on that tree trunk." Nice pix. You have such fund days.

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